Princes Quay

Level 3 - Outlet Shopping

Outlet Shopping has never been more popular and Princes Quay meets all of the key criteria for a successful scheme with critical mass, car parking, a high proportion of value seekers in the catchment and a seven figure annual footfall.

Modern outlet shoppers fall into three categories:

Leisure Shoppers - those who combine shopping with a trip to the cinema or restaurant and with a successful Vue cinema and restaurants already on site, this attraction is set to serve the Outlet Deck well with extended dwell times and destination appeal.

Cherry Pickers - selective shoppers who visit a handful of outlet stores but have higher than average average transaction values. Again the catchment of Hull has a healthy distribution of these shoppers within its demographic.

Young Families & Value Seekers - these shoppers are drawn but the prospect of attractive pricing and savings out of necessity. A prime audience for the outlet deck, these shoppers are well represented across a range of age bands.