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A new asset management consultancy launched by Realm and Eccleston Capital.

Realm and Eccleston Capital launch a new joint venture aimed at implementing revenue responsive management strategies within the UK property sector.

A short introduction to Total Turnover Solutions

The UK retail and leisure sectors were already undergoing major structural change before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.


Since Lockdown, the scale of market disruption and the need for change has accelerated massively.


In such difficult times, retailers and leisure operators are demanding a move away from traditional property leases to turnover-linked agreements which are aligned to the revenue they are generating in a given location.


However, the challenge for landlords is being able to collect turnover data, understand what it means and how it can feed into their asset management and leasing process.


Total Turnover Solutions is a new asset management consultancy created by specialist outlet centre asset manager, Realm, and Eccleston Capital.


It aims to facilitate the implementation of ‘revenue-responsive’ leasing across the UK retail and leisure property sector.


At the heart of TTS is a platform which enables the collection, analysis and application of turnover data.


In addition to turnover, the platform also factors in other key metrics such as sales density mapping, footfall, the impact of events & marketing initiatives and – crucially – enables assessment of the ‘effort rate’ required for occupiers to make a profit in a location.


It brings precision, analysis and a deep understanding of retail and leisure.


Working with TTS gives landlords the opportunity to switch their asset management methodology and respond to occupier demand while creating investable assets that can enable an exit if required.


The team at TTS would be pleased to discuss how to bring a turnover-based approach into your business and demonstrate how our asset management expertise and data platform can deliver what the changed worlds of retail and leisure property require.


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